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October 01, 2018

Create your own day spa

Life is busy – we, too, know how it can get. And while a trip to the day spa is probably well overdue and very much necessary, sometimes taking more time out of your day just adds to the stress.

Creating a relaxing sanctuary in a small bathroom can be difficult, especially when you have big ideas for your limited space. With the rise in small space living trends, however, you might find your.

Houseplants in your bathroom can add a much-needed pop of colour and texture in an otherwise often cold and sterile room, and there are a variety of plants that even the most.

Whether you are renovating to sell, upgrading or simply needing a revamp of your old bathroom, it is always wise to anticipate the resale value when contemplating renovations.

June 01, 2018

Autumn Bathroom Trends

While your bathroom may not feel like a room you can change with new interior trends, there are some simple tricks of the trade to help keep your design fun and fresh.

A bathroom offers a place to pamper yourself, relax and get ready and can add significant value to your home. Therefore, the need to do it right is crucial! To ensure your.

5 Reasons Why Taking a Bath is so Good for You! For many years, bathing has been a tradition across the globe for a variety of purposes – for health, religious beliefs.

The luxury and extravagance of a 5-star hotel can provide incredible inspiration for your bathroom renovations. Glimpse at any home design magazine or browse bathroom renovation.