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A bathroom offers a place to pamper yourself, relax and get ready and can add significant value to your home. Therefore, the need to do it right is crucial! To ensure your bathroom renovation runs as smoothly and stress-free as possible, we have compiled 3 simple tips to keep your project on track, free from disruption.


Looking at design inspirations online or even at our showroom, it can be easy to get carried away by the shiny tap fixtures, gorgeous bathtubs, and vanities that do it all! There would be nothing worse than being halfway into a bathroom renovation full of fancy fixtures and top-of-the-line features, but have little budget left to finish the room with the all-important items such as towels! So we strongly recommend dedicating some time to working out a budget for your bathroom. Break down the features into must-haves. For example, would you like a feature bath? If so, you may want to dedicate a larger chunk of your budget towards this and opt for a shower that is at a lower price point.

Don’t be worried if budgeting isn’t your thing. You can always visit us in our showroom and we can provide heaps of ideas to suit your budget and your design ideas!



Bathroom design, compared to even 5 years ago, has taken modern to a whole new level. Innovation in bathrooms has developed significantly and while aesthetics have taken a front seat, it is important not to forget about the practicality of a bathroom.

  • Do you need a bathroom that requires a lot of storage?
  • Do you have kids? If so, you may need to consider taps that are easy to adjust.
  • Does the size of your bathroom allow for a bathtub and shower cubicle?

There are many technical things to consider in a bathroom; all of which we can help you with. The age-old myth that if something looks great means that it is most likely not practical is busted as we can show you many practical ways to get the most out of your bathroom. Which leads us to our final point…



Here comes the fun part of creating your bathroom – the design! Unless you are renovating your entire house from scratch, it is most likely that you will want to ensure your updated bathroom design fits in with the rest of your homes’ style.

Decisions such as the style, materials and colours work that could within your home are all important considerations.

Are you after a super futuristic bathroom?
Or a more traditional look?
Do you want paint, tiles, or mirrored walls?
What about a wall hung or floor mounted basin?
What colours do you absolutely have to include?

It may seem daunting, it may seem exciting, but regardless, we can help you get those super fab finishing touches incorporated into your new designer bathroom, stress free!


So there you have it – our top three things to consider before renovating your bathroom! If you need help, have burning questions, or a mood board at the ready, you can visit us in our showroom and we would be happy to help.