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5 Reasons Why Taking a Bath is so Good for You!

For many years, bathing has been a tradition across the globe for a variety of purposes – for health, religious beliefs and luxury or for relaxation purposes. And while baths do provide enjoyment, pleasure and relief, so too can they provide a huge amount of health benefits.

So behold these five reasons why taking a bath is so (surprisingly) wonderful for you!


1. Baths Can Help Relieve Skin Conditions

Not only does bathing cleanse the skin (whereby hot water opens the pores and creates sweat – the body’s way of cleansing itself), but is often prescribed to those who suffer a range of skin conditions, like psoriasis. The medicated or oiled bath is a method to put moisture back into the skin, eliminate dead cells, and attempt to remove potential causes of infection. Even for those lucky enough not to suffer a skin condition, bathing results in fresher, cleaner and softer skin!


2. Baths Can Aide Muscle, Joint and Bone Pain

A body suffering from muscle, joint or bone pain can reap many benefits from a bath. Hot water increases body temperature, which results in muscle relaxation. Furthermore, a warm bath can reduce tension and stress built up in joints, bones and muscles. Want to take it a step further? Try some self-massage in the bath to release muscle knots. Not only does bathing soothe us physically, but also mentally, which is great for our next point.


3. Baths Can Improve Sleep Quality

A warm bath can cause muscle relaxation plus reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, which can provide the perfect foundation to a good sleep. Not only that, but as the night goes on, our bodies begin to drop in body temperature, signalling the body to start producing melatonin (the hormone responsible for inducing sleep). A great way to kick-start this is to warm yourself up first through a bath, then cool down for a little while afterwards before slipping into bed. This little trick works a treat and is often one of the top tips for naturally enhancing your sleep length and quality. Plus, good sleep in itself offers a range of health benefits!


4. Baths Can Lift Your Mood

While it may seem obvious to us, bath-users, research has found that a daily bath at the end of the day was credited to bodily comfort, warmth, lowered stress and anxiety levels, and overall calmer mood. Further research has found that our bodies associate horizontal conditions with relaxation and vulnerability. Combining this with warm water, our bodies retreat back to feelings of being in the womb – offering calmness and a sense of security to the mind. Pretty cool, huh?


5. Baths Can Help You Breathe Easier

Steam is often associated with offering relief for those with blocked airways (like those suffering asthma or sinusitis). Plus, being immersed in water above your chest with your head remaining out can positively improve your lung capacity and oxygen intake. Breathing is so important to a range of health factors – anything from stress to infections – so being able to do so easily can make the world of difference!


So, there you have it; why we are putting the bath back into the bathroom! We love baths, but now we love them even more! You can shop our range of baths here.