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The luxury and extravagance of a 5-star hotel can provide incredible inspiration for your bathroom renovations. Glimpse at any home design magazine or browse bathroom renovation designs on Pinterest and you’ll notice a recurring theme – gone are the days when a bathroom was merely functional – we have embraced our love for all things relaxing and opulent in the modern-day bathroom makeover, essentially creating a resort-style feel in the very room we go to pamper ourselves.

With clever design, thoughtful storage and an eye for the details, you can recreate the hotel-luxe look with the practicality you need and you’ll enjoy your space for many years to come.


While your bathroom layout may not provide lots of space when compared to square footage of other rooms in your home, an essential step in creating your hotel-inspired look is to carefully contemplate exactly how you’ll utilise all of its available space. Careful consideration needs to be applied to how your door will open to ensure it won’t block an easy exit, hit your vanity or create a ‘black hole’ of unusable real estate. Clever placement of essentials like your toilet and bath or shower can open up your space, creating what feels more like an open and expertly planned room, rather than a space where your hardware has just been stuck in.

Consider replacing your small, outdated showerhead over bath layout with an open-style double-headed shower, complete with glass panels in place of old-fashioned shower curtains, to create continuity and a feeling of space.

Make an extravagant bathtub the feature piece of your room by placing it under a large window, which will add the extra benefit of lots of natural light and exaggerate openness.

Choosing a favourite colour palette and sticking to it can also invoke feelings of luxury and quality design. Choose your colour and then play with pattern and size by mixing up tile selections for floor, shower and walls.


Cabinetry and storage

Storage options in a bathroom often feel inadequate, with the usual suspects of over-sink medicine cabinets and busting-at-the-seams vanity cabinetry. Consider building your storage solution into your cabinetry choices – larger under-sink purpose-designed storage with ample shelving can remove the clutter and leaves the area above your sink free for large mirrors and good lighting – another essential in creating that luxury feeling and the illusion of space. A great solution for storage is to build your storage into your construction design – purpose-built ‘hole in the wall’ shower shelves look fantastic and offer a hotel-inspired feel as well as being incredibly functional.



Adding a touch of elegance to your renovation design by opting for high-quality fixtures and tapware instantly update the look of your bathroom. Add luxe by selecting brass or gold fixtures to compliment your simple but elegant bathtub and tile choice, or modernise your bathroom with sleek, black matte fixtures that will really pop against your neutral colour palette. Open fixtures where piping is exposed is also making a fast-paced comeback and will offer an instant face lift and add character to your room.



Nothing says luxury hotel-getaway more than soft fluffy towels and good quality toiletries. Keep your personal items stowed away and out of view, but be sure to offer the basics to your guests. A great handwash and moisturiser by your washbasin and good quality hand towels can assist in recreating your hotel look without breaking the budget.

Consider investing in some hardy or ornamental plants like ferns and orchids, that add colour and texture to your design as well as improving air-quality and humidity control.

Scented candles or beautiful mementos sparingly and thoughtfully placed throughout your bathroom will also warm your room, adding to the heightened experience via your sense of smell and sight.

Regardless of how big your space is, where your budget lies or how you plan to recreate the luxury feel and extravagance of an opulent hotel-inspired bathroom, your renovation needn’t be complicated or stressful. Give the team at Firanza Bathroom Collections a call to discuss your vision, and we’ll do all the hard work for you.