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Houseplants in your bathroom can add a much-needed pop of colour and texture in an otherwise often cold and sterile room, and there are a variety of plants that even the most serial of plant-killers can feel confident about maintaining.

Most bathrooms are typically rooms that offer low-natural light, high humidity and perpetual warmth; all environmental characteristics that tropical house plants crave.  So regardless of your track record with a black thumb, there are some plants that will actually thrive in your bathroom and offer you the benefit of looking fabulous despite your neglect.

Some perfect choices of hardy plants that will love your bathroom (and you’ll love to look at!) are:


1. Orchids

Orchids may be notoriously fussy plants, but most people experience problems with these beauties because they aren’t giving them the humidity they so desperately need.  Keeping these gorgeous blooms in your bathroom will replicate the tropical environment they thrive in (think steam from your shower and taps), just be sure to position them close to any natural light source you have to hand.  Be careful not to over-water and you’ll enjoy the classic look of these ornamental blooms for months on end.


2. Ferns

While ferns come in an abundance of varieties, there are several that will absolutely adore the damp humidity that your bathroom has to offer.  Opt for Asparagus, Boston or Maidenhair varietals, in either ornamental pots or hanging baskets and be sure to keep their soil damp (but not soaking). The vibrant colour and lacey, intricate leaf patterns of ferns will offer delightful detail to your bathroom that guests will notice and adore.


3. Spider plants

Spider plants, also known as ChlorophytumComosum, are an exceptionally hardy plant that will be happy growing in a self-watering pot and left to its own devices.  Spider plants can be grown easily from cuttings from established plants, so save yourself some money and check out your neighbours’ garden where this popular green goddess is undoubtedly growing.


4. Ivy or pothos

Ivy and pothos come in a selection of colours from rich greens and vibrant golds.  Ideally grown in a hanging pot, allow the arrow or star-shaped leaves of this easy-to-grow plant to trail down from your bathroom ceiling, adding dimension and depth to your entire space.  Water less in the cooler months and offer a good soaking occasionally through Summer and your pothos will grow quickly.  It can be trimmed to use cuttings for new pots and baskets.


5. Snake plant

Snake plants or Mother-in-Law’s tongue, is an absolute favourite for houseplant owners who struggle to remember to water or fertilise their plants.  These striking, upward growing leaves are exceptionally hardy, and will thrive on neglect, only needing a drink when you happen to remember.  Snake plant can grow in low light but will benefit from dappled sunlight from your bathroom window.  Add to decorative pots to brighten up lonely or bare corners of your bathroom.


If you are looking to add some personality and life to your bathroom, perhaps an injection of natural beauty is just what you are looking for.  With some careful consideration and a pinch of care, you can enjoy the beauty of some gorgeous houseplants, without the worry of whether they’ll make it through the month!

To discuss how to best dress your new bathroom renovation, or to learn more about how to update your bathroom’s outdated look, drop the team at Firanza Bathroom Collections a call on (02) 9683 6386.