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Creating a relaxing sanctuary in a small bathroom can be difficult, especially when you have big ideas for your limited space.

With the rise in small space living trends, however, you might find your options for slimline bathroom essentials, compact fixtures, and clever storage tips are more bountiful than you anticipated.

The best rule of thumb to remember when designing a small bathroom is that every spare centimetre will add up!  It’s essential that you’ll have enough room to undress and dry off, without elbow clashes on sink ware or stubbed toes on vanities.  Allow yourself room to move comfortably – you don’t want to feel claustrophobic!

A good starting point is to consider the design ideas you like – create a mood board or browse Pinterest, home design magazines and showrooms to really nail your favourite looks and options.  You’ll also need specific measurements of the design space you’ll be working with, in order to help you eliminate the options you love, but don’t have room for.  Remaining flexible with your project will ensure that you get the best bang for your buck without being left disappointed.

Become familiar with your bathroom’s existing plumbing.  In most cases, the positioning of your waste pipe will determine where your toilet has to go, which will then help to ascertain a blueprint for where your remaining fixtures might reside.

Consider installing a sliding door, or a door that opens outward from your bathroom.  These options will eliminate wasted space behind the open door and open up square footage you’ll be thankful for!

If having a bath is essential, for example, you have a young family or want to consider selling within the family market later down the track, consider combining your shower and bath to save oodles of space.  If you do eliminate the bathtub altogether, make sure your shower area doesn’t dip below roughly 80cm squared – this will give you enough room to get a lather going without feeling fenced in.

Check out your options for slim-line designed sinks, vanities, toilets and baths.  There are loads of options on the market, like our favourite Selector Wall Hung Pan or the Tina 750 mm Wall Hung Vanity Word of caution though, some designs are exceptionally small, and while it may be tempting to opt for the smallest available to save on space, it’s crucial to remember that you’ll want to use your selections comfortably for a long time to come.  Small basins, for example, are great for handwashing, but difficult to wash your face in or share with the family.  Floating toilets and vanities hide unnecessary clutter and free up extra floor space, too.

Consider building storage into your design in order to keep your small bathroom looking neat and tidy without compromising on style.  Handy wall recesses in the shower can create beautiful shelving for your products, floating shelves look great with some selected décor or beautifully-presented glass jars or candles, and vanities with under head storage keep your personals hidden and out of sight.  Large baskets used for offering fluffy towels or for hiding washing can also lift your storage game while looking the part and keeping your looking bathroom Pinterest-worthy.

Opt for a lighter colour palette and a larger tile option to create the illusion of bigger space, and capitalise on any natural light you have with a large mirror to reflect and maximise the visual of the area.  You may even consider having a custom wall-to-wall mirror installed if your design will allow it; it will create the feeling of depth and grandeur, and will prove to be exceptionally practical when there are two or more of you trying to brush your teeth.  Mirrored wall cabinets will have the same effect for a tighter budget.  High-gloss paint finishes and bathroom fixtures will be easy to keep clean, and will also help to reflect more natural light.

With a little compromise and a whole lot of inspiration, you can embrace the size of your bathroom and create a layout that ticks all the boxes for years to come.  Besides, the addition or renovation of a bathroom, however small, will always add value and comfort to your home.  What have you got to lose?!  Give us a call at Firanza Bathroom Collections on (02) 9683 6386 or pop in to our showroom to discuss your small bathroom design options today.