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Life is busy – we, too, know how it can get.  And while a trip to the day spa is probably well overdue and very much necessary, sometimes taking more time out of your day just adds to the stress.  “If you can’t get to the day spa, why not bring the day spa to you” – was definitely composed by some famous writer or historian, right? Well, even if not, let us bring to you our top four tips for creating your very own day spa.


1. Return to Nature

Using nature as inspiration for textures and finishes in your bathroom, like the use of timber and stone, is great for creating that perfect natural and organic environment.  Not only does it provide a calming influence, but also looks great!  To really enhance that earthy feel, add some plants which will not only smell delicious but will be sure to put you at peace.  Opt for plants with touches of green and blue – science has shown that these two colours have an influence on the reduction of stress.

Timber at its ultimate best – the Emma Wall Hung Vanity (which comes in 3 different sizes)

2. Clean, crisp, whites

Nothing says day spa more than clean, crisp, white towels and robes, right?  The association in a bathroom between clean and white (whether it is a white basin or white bath) will help create that day-spa environment, whereby you can feel comfortable, relaxed, and ready to zone out.

3. Soak it up

Now, the fun begins – a nice, warm, bubble bath.  Sit back, relax, and soak up the deliciousness that is a warm bath.  Close your eyes and simply feel all your troubles just float away.  Research has shown that a warm bath has been linked to reduced levels of stress and anxiety.  Not only that, but baths can improve sleep quality, as well as sooth muscles aches and pains.  Combine those together over time and that’s basically a deep tissue massage!

4. Set the mood

Day Spas can be great, but now you can have total control over all of the additional touches – the scent, the music, and even additional food or drinks.  Hello wine!  Sit back and enjoy a nice glass of wine, while your favourite candle or incense is burning, and listening to some of your favourite chill-out classics.  If you have a door lock, we recommend using.  Take this opportunity to have time by yourself without any distractions.  You don’t have to socialise like you would at a day spa, so enjoy this moment where it is just you … talk about total relaxation!


So, there you have it – you’ll be opening up your own day spa before you know it! Enjoy J