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Classic Bathroom Fixtures & Fittings Sydney

Replacing your old bathroom fixtures and getting new ones can make all the difference to refresh your bathroom. Even by simply changing a faucet, you can turnaround the look of your bathroom. So, if you are looking for bathroom fixtures in Sydney that are within your budget, come to us.

Firanza Bathroom Collections has been a well- known name for bathroom fixtures in Sydney. Our products are sourced not only locally but also internationally. We understand that bathroom fixtures are important not just for the looks of your bathroom but also for improved functionality. 

There may be times when you do not know that your bathroom needs a fixture. A lot of people are unaware about what to do next or rather continue dealing with the same issues again and again. Proper bathroom fixtures can entirely change your outlook towards those issues and in hindsight you wish that you had made the decision earlier.

Some of the points to consider when renovating your bathrooms. For example, if your toilet is giving you frequent troubles like a blocking-up etc., it is natural to see a plumber and get the problem sorted but if the problem persists for a longer time, it is time to replace it.

Apart from the cosmetic look of the bathroom fixtures there are varied instances where you may have outlay a lot of money in costly repairs or on callouts to get a plumber urgently.

Here are some of the common frequent troubles you may encounter that gives a clear understanding that you need to renovate your bathroom.

  • Repairs required often – Toilets are the most used accessory in the bathrooms, there are flappers, handles and valves. These are the items that break down frequently. If this cost is becoming a regular event, it is time to get them replaced and upgraded. Replacing old items with new ones and doing a minor renovation to accommodate theses is perhaps the best choice you’ll make.
  • Clogging or blocking problem – Clogging & blocking issues can happen at any time and place, whether it’s a toilet, bathtub or shower area. If you start to experience issues that require plunging frequently in any of these areas, then it’s time that you seriously should consider renovating or upgrading, this will put an end to costly repairs currently draining your budget on monthly basis.
  • Porcelain cracks found on the toilet seat – Most porcelain items will start have cracks appear over time due to age. Sometimes, these tiny cracks can lead to dirty water inundating the entire bathroom floor. Hence, it is better to take immediate action, before it’s too late causing a very unhygienic and extremely costly situation.

Timely repairs and renovation in the bathroom can help you save thousands of dollars annually. Check regularly for any visible cracks you notice in the bathroom areas and take immediate action.

We offer a wide range of bathroom fixtures in Sydney, ranging from faucets to sinks, tubs to toilets, everything that you might need to make your bathroom perfect for you. We only deal with the best products.

Achieving the perfect bathroom is not possible without installing perfect fixtures. Robe hooks, toilet roll holder, towel ring, medicine cabinets, mirrors, each small detail plays a vital role in defining the functionality and look of your bathroom.

Whenever you decide to get the new bathroom fixtures in Sydney, just remember Firanza Bathroom Collections has it all for you, only the best, under one roof and in your budget.