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Shower Diverters

Upgrade Your Shower with The Right Diverters From Firanza Bathroom Collections

For anyone, a bathroom works as a temporary getaway from all the stresses of life. Everyone likes to sing away the troubles of life by taking a shower. But if you don’t have the right shower diverter installed in your bathroom, then the place can easily become a source of stress. Besides, installing the right shower diverters can also be a great way to add showerheads. This can, therefore, help you to save money and space compared to installing separate shower enclosures. And when you are thinking of installing a new shower diverter or if you want to replace the faulty or leaky one, then you can count on the service offered by Firanza Bathroom Collections.

Why Firanza Bathroom Collections?

The shower diverters and shelf that we offer at Firanza Bathroom Collections allow the users to control two different water outlets while giving them the choice to switch between the shower water flow with an easy to use pull/push diverter. The single-lever mixer of these diverters gives users complete control of maximum water flow and temperature for the shower. Developed from sturdy materials and fitted with ceramic disc cartridges, these shower divertersare highly durable as well as these are known for high-efficiency and no-drip lifecycle. For high durability and easy cleaning, fixing screws are often hidden between the metal faceplates of the diverters giving them a streamlined and smart appearance.

The shower shelf and diverters offered by Firanza Bathroom Collections are completely engineered and designed in Australia to suit Australian conditions and lifestyle. Besides, every aspect of the shower diverter is considered carefully during the build. And therefore, these diverters can easily tailor your shower experience.

Important features of the shower diverters of Firanza Bathroom Collections:

  • The shower diverters that we offer at Firanza Bathroom Collections features adjustable internal cartridges that allow ongoing energy and water savings.
  • The diverters are complemented with bold designer styling
  • The diverters come with a rotational diverter for ease of use.
  • Expert installation of these shower our experts decreases the risk of scratching at the point of installation.

So, if you are thinking of keeping up with the most updated bathroom trends, then having these diverters is a must. Besides, you can give your bathroom a stylish upgrade while ensuring hassle-free and easy water control.