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Closed Couple Toilet Suites

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Closed Couple Toilet Suites – A Blend of Modern & Stylish Look

Excellent Close Coupled Toilet Suites

Seeking to upgrade your bathroom toilet suite? Firanza Bathroom Collections offers the best bathroom toilet range to transform your average toilet with a touch of elegance. We at Firanza Bathroom Collections provide our customers with most common toilets such as a close-coupled toilet suite. Firanza Bathroom Collections provides the best solution to all your toilet suites.

What are close coupled toilet suites?

Close Coupled Toilet Suites comes with a cistern attached with a bowl of the toilet. It creates one streamlined body of the essential parts. The pipes are placed hidden within the casing of the toilet and are very compact that means it is an ideal toilet for small spaces as well.

A typical close coupled toilet suite consists of a dual flush bottom, soft close toilet seat, ceramic bowl, ceramic cistern, and a waste pipe. Close Coupled Toilet Suites are a traditional way with a blend of modern and stylish look to enhance your bathroom toilets.

Why choose close coupled toilet suites?

Close-coupled Toilet Suites are not only a perfect match for all your small space bathrooms but also have several other benefits. Mostly known as old fashioned, Closed Coupled Toilets are now available in various modern and traditional styles. These fashionable toilet suites are easy to install and add a very minimalist look at affordable rates. This style of toilets is fully customisable with the option to select comfort according to your height preference and resistant to water damage. However, Close Coupled Toilet Suites can chip over time and do not hide the plumbing.

What to consider while choosing a Closed Coupled Toilet?

  • Waste Direction- Doing something new is exhilarating, you want to change everything from the scratch leaving no marks of your boring space. However, when it comes to toilets you cannot really change everything from the scratch. Always remember to have the same direction as the old one to easily connect to the soil stack.
  • Size Matters- Everyone loves to have a big bathroom. While selecting a bathroom toilet, you are looking to create space in your bathroom toilet so always ensure to have a compact size close coupled toilet to not minimize the space.
  • Pipes- In close coupled toilet suites the piping and WC units are not concealed so it is more likely to be seen. If you are looking for a style that does not show piping, then you must explore another range of toilet suite. At Firzana Bathroom Collection we offer our customers a range of toilet suites in many styles that meet their expectations and preference.

Firanza Bathroom Collections is a leading bathroom renovation services in Sydney. We are the first preference of all our customers because of our finest products at a very affordable price. We provide the most functional and stylish close-coupled toilet. Contact us at 02 9310 2414 or mail us at info@firanzabathroomcollections.com.au to know more about us and our close coupled toilet suite services.