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Bathroom Renovations in Baulkham Hills, Sydney

Baulkham Hills

Have you had a pipe burst in your bathroom? Have you, unfortunately, left the tap running and flooded your ensuite? Do you need bathroom renovations, to fix a damaged or outdated bathroom? Maybe you just want to upgrade your bathroom to make it more aesthetically pleasing?

If so, Firanza Bathroom Collections is the business for you. We are a local company providing beautiful bathroom renovations to extremely satisfied customers in the Baulkham Hills area. Bathroom renovations can be extremely costly but with proper planning and research, you can end up having your dream renovation for less than you previously anticipated. We do a lot of renovations and enjoy the experience of giving our customers exactly they are looking for and in most cases more. 

There are a lot of options, that you need to consider while renovating your home. You should consider the number of people living in the household and their age groups. For example, if you are planning to do renovation in the bathroom of some elderly people then it makes sense to get the bathroom fittings in Baulkham hills based on the conveniences. Here are some of the important features you need to consider before renovating the bathroom for the elderly people.

Things to take care of, while renovating bathrooms for seniors in the family – 

  • Seniors should CONVENIENTLY be able to access bathroom facilities even with the wheelchairs. Care should be taken to have bathroom doors wide enough to accommodate and easy-going.
  • Try having GROUND FLOOR BATHROOMS all on one level, this will ensure that seniors are always safe and there is no fear of tumbling oversteps.
  • Have convenient ACCESSORIES like seats, grab bars, stools, railings, benches for them to have easy support and assistance while bathing or using the toilet.
  • Proper LIGHT FIXTURES are also an important consideration while renovating your bathrooms since proper lightening helps to avoid accidents.

Bathrooms should be conveniently accessible for people, especially for the elderly in their homes. These are the places that they are most vulnerable and prone to having slips or falls, non-skid surfaces are the best choices while renovating the bath areas.

Visit us today to chat with one of our friendly staff members about renovating your bathroom. We can help you find the perfect items and styles to match your dream bathroom. We supply a wide range of bathroom-related products, from hardware to accessories, by leading brands.

We have years of experience servicing the Baulkham Hills area with reliable and knowledgeable contractors. We ensure you can have the bathroom of your dreams, without breaking the budget! Call us or visit us in-store to start renovating the bathroom in your Baulkham Hills home.