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Eastern Suburbs Sydney

Best Quality Shower Screens in Eastern Suburbs Sydney

Eastern Suburbs Sydney

Shower screens are a vital part of your bathroom. They not only provide an aesthetically touch of luxury to your bathroom, but they also improve the functionality of the space. Usually, when we shower, the water from its spray wets the whole bathroom floor. And who likes the wet bathroom floor? Moreover, it might get slippery and the chances of anyone slipping becomes high if the floor often stays wet. Shower screens keep the rest of the floor dry by containing the water from the shower in one area.

And no one said they have to be boring. That’s where Firanza Bathroom Collections comes in. We are known for providing the most stylish and luxurious looking shower screens across the eastern suburbs of Sydney. We have a wide array of screens including bath screens, frameless and semi-frameless shower screens, wall to wall, single panel and around screens. We also supply shower bases, shower walls and even an entire shower system.

We are the top suppliers of shower screens in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Or screens blend well with whatever design style your bathroom has, from vintage through to contemporary and ultra-modern. The screens we provide are fairly easy to maintain and clean. We have something for every shape and size of bathroom, and you will find something that is within your budget.