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Bathroom Renovations North Sydney, NSW

North Sydney

Firanza Bathroom Collections is known for state-of-art bathroom renovations not just in North Sydney but across NSW. Our years of experience help us in tailoring our work to complement every home.

We merge clever designs with brilliant renovations and competitive pricing together to deliver the best possible results with minimum possible expenses. So, if you are willing to have bathroom renovations anywhere in North Sydney, just get in touch with us. We renovate bathrooms to become tasteful, stylish and highly functional.

We do not often find accessories for bathrooms that matches its original size, in some cases, there are just a few things that one can change quickly and get an amazing looking bathroom. If you are located anywhere close to North Sydney, visit our retail store we stock the best-looking bathroom accessories at competitive prices.

Some people let the idea of renovation take a backseat since they are living in a rented apartment. There is nothing really you can do unless you take charge of all the expenses by themselves. It usually gets difficult to do bathroom renovations in the apartment that is only temporarily owned by you.

Some of the most common issues faced while changing the look of bathrooms are:

  • Fading lights
  • Mix-matched fixtures
  • Old tiles not matching new cabinets
  • Paint faded compared to new fixtures

These are the problems faced by many tenants. The best and easiest way around this is to offer you ways which you can give a stylish and sophisticated look to your bathrooms. We provide a free consultation to all the residents of North Sydney for bathroom renovations

Top ways to make your bathroom stylish!

  • Revamping the look of the bathroom through art pieces. Placing small size crafts, sculptures or paintings to give an exquisite creative look to the bathroom.
  • Baskets can tremendously help to keep your bathroom clutter-free. It has got versatile use and can be used as good ornamentation to the bathroom’s overall design.
  • Showers never go out of fashion! Dress your bathrooms with beautiful artistic expressions through shower curtains. They add privacy and keep the area water-free.
  • Plants are nature’s best gift to humans; they add a very serene touch to the bathrooms. It is a stimulating and relaxing experience.

 Usually, the bathroom is a much-neglected space of the house. But we must not forget that it is a place where we can relax and unwind from the day’s stress. If your bathroom isn’t up to your taste and effectively functional, you will end up being stressed even more.

Firanza Bathroom Collections guarantees to only use top quality products during bathroom renovations. All you must do is tell us what you want in the new bathroom and then our designer will custom design a new bathroom subject to your approval. The next step is that we will get all the required materials and fixtures, sourced from only the best brands in North Sydney and then we proceed with the renovations.

Shower screens, medicine cabinets, toilet roll holder, towel rail or rings, robe hook, we take care of every big and small thing, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. And all this too fits right in your pocket. This explains why we are considered one of the best when it comes to bathroom renovations in North Sydney.